Quotes from previous and current volunteers

One of our Volunteers with a member outside our polytunnel

“I chose to come and volunteer with SAGE because I’d like to pursue a career as a therapeutic gardener and it is the perfect place to gain some relevant experience. Everyone has been very welcoming and there is good social cohesion within both groups (Monday and Tuesday) I have attended. The best part is using the produce off the allotment and eating it for dinner! I am hoping it will get me employment in this sector but it seems to be good for my wellbeing as well as the other group members.”

“I improved my English, I learnt about new plants, and at the same time, it was a good place to relax and enjoy nature…What I enjoy the most is exchanging thoughts with the group. I learned so many things I didn’t know, which I really appreciated.”

“I’ve been hugely impressed by the respect and support people show each other. There’s a brilliant atmosphere on the allotment – it really feels like a healing space. And the staff are really compassionate and committed to what they do.”

"My time at SAGE Greenfingers provided me with work with direct experience of mental health service users, which has been instrumental in my recent appointment as a Mental Health Social Worker within the NHS. On a personal level I also deeply valued the respectful, empowering and democratic way in  which SAGE Greenfingers is run. The project fosters a unique culture in which openness, emotional warmth and acceptance allow clients to feel genuinely welcomed as individuals. Service users, volunteers and workers alike come to know one another through a shared experience of working communally within nature. This, I feel, allows users to feel valued as people, beyond limiting labels related to 'illness' and 'treatment'."


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