Plot 66

As well as our main allotment, we have another nearby, accommodating a medicinal herb bed, a polytunnel,  a range of fruit bushes and a training bed for people to practise core gardening tasks.

Medicinal herbs

With some funding from a Shefffield women’s choir and some training from a local herbalist, our women’s group have created a medicinal herb bed.

We selected and planted our herbs, including evening primrose, skullcap, St John’s Wort, meadowsweet, valerian and echinacea.

We researched each herb and its uses then created labels so visitors to the allotment could share this knowledge

We learned how to dry, pack and store herbs to use when they are out of season

And we made calendula ointment from flowers grown on the allotment. Calendula is anti-inflammatory and has antiseptic qualities, so this ointment is great for soothing bites, stings and minor cuts.


With support from the Big Lottery grant Awards for All we erected our polytunnel in 2009 and so far, we’ve grown coriander, squash, sweetcorn and cucumbers, not to mention bumper crops of tomatillos, tomatoes, gherkins – perfect for pickles and chutneys.

Inside our polytunnel


Soft fruit

Much of this site is covered by fruit bushes; mainly redcurrants, blackcurrants and gooseberries. Here members can practise their pruning, learn how to use a mulch to protect the plants through the winter…or just eat lots of this tasty nutritious fruit.

Harvest at plot 66

Harvesting redcurrants on 66

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