Hull Learning Consortium course

Hull Learning Consortium course

August's potato harvest

In 2010 we rana course sponsored by Hull Learning Consortium. Participants each chose three goals and received support toachieve them. The goals were chosen from a selection of activities:

  • Horticultural tasks like learning to cut hedges or identify weeds,
  • Growing a particular fruit or vegetable from scratch
  • Skills in managing personal finances.
  • Art and craft activities such as pressing flowers and making cards
  • Food processing activity such as making pickles and chutneys or packets of seeds or herbs to flavour stews etc.

The course has given members a chance to identify their own priorities, and week by week, work towards achieving their goals.

Some members grew gherkins, onions and beetroot and learned how to make pickles with them.

Making pickles

Making more pickles

Others learned how to grew salads in containers something they could easily do at home too, even without a garden.

Growing salad in containers

More salad

One member grew rudbeckia flowers from seed at home then brought them to our allotment to brighten up the area round the front gate

Rudbekia flowers grown from seed

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