Our trustees

Will Carlile

I joined the trustee board quite simply because I believe that the work engaged in by SAGE Greenfingers is life-changing for the many peopleit reaches, both clients/members and alsoworkers and volunteers.I have seen some of the most emotionally distant people with whom I deal find some connection through the therapeutic intervention oftime spent at the allotment. As a GP with a 20+ year experience of caring for people with mental health problems I clearly recognise the severe limitations of purely medical approaches, andI am really pleased to be able tosupport a charity dedicated to providing alternative and additional forms of support where there is good evidence of efficacy.I highly value SAGE as an organisation where clients are valued and are able to feel a sense of belonging and safety, whilst at times going on to expand their horizons. I have to thank SAGE for providing some of the most rewardingmoments of my professional career. Attending an open day is an uplifting experience.I try to returnthis positive experience by offering my skillsas a trustee.

Alison at our open dayAlison Frost

I am proud to have been involved with SAGE for many years, initially as co-facilitator of gardening sessions in my role with the Primary Mental Health Care Project and now as chair of a thriving and successful independent organisation. In my professional life I have over 20 years experience of supporting people with mental health problems, originally qualifying in social work and latterly counselling and counselling supervision. For me, the service SAGE offers is the perfect medium for engaging with and promoting the well-being of vulnerable and isolated people for whom mainstream services do not work.

Danny walking on the moorsDanny Antrobus

I currently work for Grow Sheffield. Much of my background is in fundraising, delivering information & advice and helping organisations to develop their fundraising capacity. I originally joined the SAGE board of trustees partly as a development opportunity to help with the fundraising and strategic work of a small organisation. I also had a few other links with SAGE: friends had worked and volunteered there & I share an allotment at Grimesthorpe Community Gardens. SAGE supports people who may otherwise fall through the gaps of mental health service provision by delivering therapeutic work in a non-threatening community setting. I think SAGE also does a great job of delivering services in a very flexible and empowering way where members of the group get a lot of say over how they spend their time on the site.

Rob on the allotmentRob Bullock

I work for Green City Action, a Burngreave based charity working to improve our local environment. GCA has had close links with Greenfingers for a long time and when the project at Grimesthorpe Allotments was established in 2004 I managed the hard landscaping work on the site. I became a trustee after the landscaping work had finished.I really appreciate that the SAGE gardens have opened the allotments to a new group of people who contribute to, as well as benefit from, the special nature of allotment gardening.

Clare in her garden

Clare McManus

I have known of and been impressed by SAGEs work for several years and am honoured to have become a Trustee.In my previous roles as Director of Eventus cultural development agency and Chair of Sheffield Wellbeing Consortium I was very involved in developing work around strategic commissioning and exploring new ways for the voluntary sector to earn income through contract delivery. I hope to be able to use this experience for the benefit of SAGE.I am passionate about the benefits to mental and physical health of involvement in the arts and over the past few years I have become increasingly interested in the connections between mental well-being, arts and the local environment.

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