Sponsor SAGE's Half Marathons

Jenny runs for SAGE at the Bristol half marathon on Sunday 25th September

Jenny says " I volunteer for SAGE Greenfingers, the allotment-based sessions offer the opportunity to escape indoor living spaces, exercise, learn about growing and cooking healthy foods, experience a sense of achievement, meet others with similar experiences and make friends. These all have a HUGE positive influence on mental health, which I have personally witnessed and wish to continue supporting in any way possible. I am not a runner, I was not made to be one either! I've never taken part in any running event in my life. So when my sister asked me if I wanted to run a half marathon, the stupid part of my brain replied "sure, why not?". There are many reasons why not, but a bigger reason to ignore them - SAGE GREENFINGERS. If I can raise any money at all for having to endure a 2 hour (possibly more) run, then it will all be worth it.

Click on the link to see Jenny's fundraising page and make a donation:

Or click HERE to donate directly to SAGE.

There is still time to sponsor SAGE’s Director who ran her first half marathon, completing the Great North Run on 11th September!

Diana has worked for SAGE for over 8 years and has been running for over 5 decades!  She’s decided to do her first  (and probably last!!)  half marathon to raise funds for 2 charities to which she has close personal links: SAGE, supporting our work with adults experiencing mental health challenges, and TVS, supporting children’s education in South Africa.  On SAGE she says:

“Mental health is still an unpopular cause but it affects so many of us.  SAGE is a small grass-root charity successfully supporting people who slip through the net of other services.  I’ve worked here more than 8 years and have seen gardening, singing, arts and crafts draw in an amazing range of people, help them feel valued and give them a reason to keep going. Boosting our unrestricted income via donations gives us the flexibility to keep the charity afloat during these very challenging times.  Definitely worth running for!”

Click the link to see Diana's fundraising page and make a donation to both charities:

Or click this link to donate directly to SAGE:

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