SAGE Greenfingers launch Sheffield mental health week 2015

On Monday 5th October local charity SAGE Greenfingers is launching world mental health week by inviting the public to a cornucopia of well-being activity in The Winter Gardens.  The centre piece will be a large globe of willow which people will decorate with messages of how nature improves our wellbeing.  Nearby will be opportunities to weave a bird feeder from willow, make cards from dried flowers or help press apples to make gallons of fresh juice.

This event marks the beginning of Sheffield mental health week commissioned by the City Council and Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust to demonstrate the wide range of organisations and individuals promoting mental well-being across the city.  10 events are planned in venues across Sheffield to raise awareness, challenge stigma, provide information and bring people together to enjoy practical workshops.

SAGE Greenfingers is delighted to be launching the week with this demonstration of some of the ways that engaging with the natural world can enhance our well-being.  The charity specialises in horticultural therapy and arts activities which are usually run on Grimesthorpe allotments and other venues in Burngreave.  Director Diana Tottle says:  “This time a year ago our charity was in danger of closing.  But with renewed Big Lottery funding we’ve been able not merely to keep things going, but to scale up what we do and introduce more variety.  Our members and volunteers are delighted to have this opportunity to share our activities with the general public.”

SAGE will be joined in The Winter Gardens by 2 other local charities: Artling who will offer tasters of art and craft activities; and Abundance who help gather the fantastic range of fruit ripe for harvesting throughout our city at this time of year.  Abundance volunteers have been supporting SAGE members in scrumping for apples throughout Burngreave in the last few weeks.  Come along on October 5th to enjoy the fruits of our labours and pledge a toast in apple juice in support of better mental well-being for us all!

The event opens to the general public in The Winter Gardens from 11am – 3pm.  Photographers welcome.

For further information contact:

Diana Tottle,  Director SAGE Greenfingers,  Tel: 0114 274 3651    Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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