What our members say

“Nothing’s helped me personally like Greenfingers has”

“Two or three years ago before I came to Greenfingers I were [...] entirely alone and whatever was offered to me didn’t have any effect [...] whatever it were I couldn’t get interested in it because if I enjoyed it there if I took it home I couldn’t share it with people and say ‘well look this is what I’ve been doing today’ but from the day I went onto the allotment I started to get this feeling that if I did anything outside and I come back I could share it with them, like going to football matches with [another member].”

Knitting group at our open day

“Greenfingers is, more like that, more co-operative with other people, with other religions and such different groups of ethnicity and that”

“now every time I come here I’m improving and here I’ve met new friends and it’s a new thing for me gardening, that I’ve never done, and I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve enjoyed every bit of it, and they do take us to new places which is a good thing for us. And yes the best thing about it is just coming out of your house and you know that you’ve got friends to meet there and to talk to and very friendly staff to help you all the way.”

nature's bounty!

"until you start talking to other people you tend to think you might be only one that’s suffering like this, what’s different about me? You find out that in slightly different ways everybody else’s in’ same boat. And suddenly you’re not some sort of freak, you’re just an ordinary person with ordinary problems and you’ve got people you can share them with, it’s wonderful."

Gathering rhubarb to take home

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